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About You

Are you experiencing a problem in your life that you want to heal? Many people turn to therapy to help them through something that they feel they cannot understand or find a solution to on their own. Whatever circumstances have led you to find me, my invitation for you is to allow me to work with you to find where you want to be in your life through the gift of therapy.  It is my hope to inspire your own sense of connection, that you may start to feel ease, pleasure, joy, happiness, self-esteem, discovery, gratitude, trust, intrigue, excitement, presence, and essential inner calm.

Once the ‘inside’ of our lives are accepted, balanced and healed, we can fully experience a sense of personal integration with ourselves; we are connected to our life, fully aware of who we are and content to be who we are; accepting our shadow as essential to our light; giving us a sense of our own direction; our own path in life.


It takes courage, conviction and commitment from both of us.  I am excited to be your companion for this transformative journey of self-exploration.

About Me

Labyrinth Centred - Wendy

Wendy Allenet-Simpson – Founder of Labyrinth Centred
Dip Couns/BSoM

“. . .Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued: it must ensue and it only does so as an unintended side-effect of one’s dedication to a cause greater than oneself.!
Viktor FranklMan’s Search for Meaning


Man’s Search for Meaning was the stimulus for my love of Viktor Frankl’s life story and psychology founded on the belief that human nature is motivated by meaning and purpose.  And so I consciously began and continued my path in helping others.


My own successes, suffering and pain are as unique to me as yours are to you. You are the key to your life as I have been to mine.  It is my own personal and professional experiences that equip me to be of service to others, helping them find their own paths to their life, allowing their own happiness and success to ensue.

My personal and professional experiences


My life has been incredibly rich from living in some of the world’s most beautiful countries (Jersey, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and America), to experiencing the gift of children as well as a variety of work.  I have been seriously impacted, contracted and challenged for much of my life with mental illnesses, spiritual conflict and a disrupted relationship with eating and exercise. I’ve spent the past 20 years processing and healing these conditions through deep therapy and professional training from which I have experienced practices that have not only created the life I now lead, and love, but have influenced the 3 professional services I now offer.

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