Labyrinth Centred Counselling

Pathway to feeing connected.

Counselling and psychotherapy are where we bring together pathways that take you to your centre-place where all our ways of knowing converge: emotional, sensory, intuitive, imaginative, intellectual, experiential, relational, and bodily.


In my training in California, counselling was depicted as empathic listening and psychotherapy as evoking deep change.


Counselling and psychotherapy can help you move your life into a direction that you perhaps think is unattainable, especially if there are severe or critical conditions in your way. Psychotherapy can help offer a key to your own personal choices, both seen and unseen, known and unknown.

I work with the art of psychotherapy to weave with you a map into your inner world, finding and creating the keys to you and your happiness.  Each process is different from the other, which is where we find the beauty of your own unique being.


My therapy room offers a calm space, steeped in light, warmth and beauty in the peaceful location of St Brelade’s Bay – in itself, a balm to anyone suffering on the inside.


If you’re in emotional pain, need space and time and constantly saying “when…” and “if…”; feeling as though no-one is listening, feeling confused or suffering mental anguish – maybe I can help.

Treatment Modalities:

Spectrum of Conditions Treated:

  • Low moods/apathy/mild to problematic depression
  • Nervousness/panic attacks/anxiety
  • Stress/burnout/shock/trauma/post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Bullying/abuse/transgressions/violations
  • Molestation/sexual abuse/rape
  • Substance misuse/addiction
  • Recent bereavement/stuck grief
  • Relationship issues/relationship break-down
  • Spiritual/religious problems
  • Low self-worth/guilt/shame
  • Anger/aggression/violence
  • Timidity/self-consciousness/chronic shyness
  • Work dissatisfaction/work-lifestyle balance
  • Life goal setting
  • Exam stress

Treatment Specialisms

  • Tailored individual brief counselling
  • Tailored individual in-depth psychotherapy
  • Psycho-art therapy
  • Spiritual and faith support
  • Suicide assessment and intervention
  • Specialized sexual trauma treatment
  • Alcohol and multiple addictions assessment and intervention
  • 12 Step support to enhance recovery
  • Family Dysfunction intervention and support
  • Co-dependency intervention and support
  • Mindful eating programme
  • Mindfulness meditation group
  • Mindfulness meditation One-to-One process
  • Group facilitation / Topic Presenting
  • Professional workshops

Anyone can experience varying degrees of a certain condition at particular points in time and may have a mix of more than one condition.  For example, stress may also cause mild to chronic depression as well as low self-esteem.  What is important is that we discover, together, ‘what lies beneath’.  When we heal this, the ‘symptom’ can lessen and, in some instances, be completely removed.


In my view, the purpose of counselling and psychotherapy is to help you become well, whatever that means for you, allowing you to be the best person that you can be for yourself and, consequently others.

Labyrinth centred counselling – Sessions / Rates / Bookings


£70  Per session with free telephone assessment session

£665 10 pre-booked sessions post free assessment session

Limited discretionary sliding scale available