Labyrinth Centred Meditation

Pathway to inner stillness.

Stressed? Running on empty?  Feeling ‘spent’ and tired?  Trying to do too much?  Need to feel more connected and focused?  Would you like to feel calm and at peace?


Modern mindfulness meditation is a way of helping busy people connect to a sense of wellbeing that they can bring into their day using simple and effective techniques. It is the essential cool-down from the ‘mental aerobics’ of work. It can be fitted into lunchtime or after work, allowing commuter traffic to be missed; yet still getting home to enjoy the evening.


You’ll benefit from feeling happier, enhanced concentration, better stress management and improved sleep. Find that oasis of calm within you.

Labyrinth Centred Meditation courses demonstrate in a helpful, non-judgmental, enhancing way, that there is space to pause in all our lives.


It is secular and non-affiliated with other mindfulness practices yet draws on all. It is not time rich: appealing to modern life. Even 3 minutes of practice can have a huge benefit. The style is immediately usable, topic led and thought provoking yet calming.


Book onto an 8-week course, drop-in to a session and join an ongoing meetup group in town and St Brelade, to continue and enhance your newfound practice.


This is a pathway for connecting to your inner stillness: anytime, anywhere.