About Wendy’s Journey

My personal and professional experiences


My life has been incredibly rich from living in some of the world’s most beautiful countries (Jersey, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and America), to experiencing the gift of children as well as a variety of work.  I have been seriously impacted, contracted and challenged for much of my life with mental illnesses, spiritual conflict and a disrupted relationship with eating and exercise. I’ve spent the past 20 years processing and healing these conditions through deep therapy and professional training from which I have experienced practices that have not only created the life I now lead, and love, but have influenced the 3 professional services I now offer.


I’ve partnered a successful retail business whilst raising my family, and worked in finance before retraining as a psychotherapist in Berkeley, California. I trained in advanced techniques that accelerated my knowledge and practice both personally and professionally.  The directors of the Californian Centre promised to use an eclectic mix of modalities that would turn me into the best therapist I could be, meeting all my potential; both known and yet to be discovered.  I had the most amazing journey into the depths of this wonderfully exciting field and feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to develop my skills in art therapy and meditation.


Highlands College:

Counselling Studies Level 3

Counselling Skills Level 2

Counselling & Psychotherapy Diploma Level 4 Year 1


Tara Centre:

Counselling & Psychotherapy Diploma Level 4 Year 2


Franklan Institute of Psychology (Texas, USA):

Foundation Certificate

Intermediate Certificate

British School of Mediation:

Diploma in Meditation Teaching


Hazelden Professional Residency (Minnesota, USA)

Addiction/Family Addiction


Am I Hungry? Professional Facilitator Course (USA)

Mindful Eating Programme

International Teacher Workshops

Jack Kornfield – Insight Meditation
(Spirit Rock, San Francisco)


Oren J. Sofer – Non-Violent Communication


Kip Flock – 3 Day Intense Feeling
(San Francisco)


Tara Brach – True Refuge: 3 Gateways of Emotional Healing
(Spirit Rock, San Francisco)


Dr Michelle May – Am I Hungry Mindful Eating Programme